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For those interested in supporting Warrior Veterans and/or their families through this program, Please Click Here  NOTE: This program can also be applied to low income, disadvantaged youths and others in need of self-sustaining support.

Building a Successful Business Using the Internet

If you'll commit to applying your brains, positive attitude and motivation

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We'll Help You with Everything You Need

using the Site Sell suite of web business tools

  • Do You want to start a home based business and know that you will succeed?

You've heard that others are doing this -- but can you? Do you have the requisite skills to be successful. How do you get started?

Perhaps you already are trying to do this but you just cannot seem to make any progress.

Or, you already are trying to follow the Site Sell process but just cannot get through all the steps. There is just too much information and you just cannot sort through it.

You have found the answer here -- you can do it and I will help you to success.

  • Do you want to grow your current business by applying steps from a proven Internet Marketing Program?

Start adding lead capture as a daily, ongoing activity in your business operations. Review your website and daily operations to assess opportunities to collect lead information.

  • Do you want to become your own boss and just do not know how to do that?

Start you own home based business now and work on it until your income exceeds what your earning now -- and say goodbye to working for someone else.

  • Are a stay at home parent wanting to start/continue your career from home?

Starting your own home based business is the way to go. Let's get started now.

  • Are you searching for employment but nothing seems to be working?

Hire yourself and start your own business. You even can do that and continue looking for that j o b working for someone else.

  • Are a recent war veteran seeking a new career?

If you are really passionate about anything, you can turn that passion, into a successful business. I'll be pleased to steer you to a  j o b -- under one condition. Consider starting your own online business in parallel -- and I'll give you, and your family, FREE lifetime membership in this learning portal.

  • Do you need to supplement your retirement and/or your Social Security income working from your home?
Get started today by hiring yourself to build your home based business.

So, if you are ready to commit to take action now, I will help you build a successful home based web business or enhancement of an existing business provided you bring your brains, a positive attitude and high motivation to succeed in return.

I will match your energy by providing you continuing support focused on improving results. That support begins by walking you step-by-step through a proven process.

How do you get started?

Scheduled your FREE demo session now: [Online Course FREE to first 10 enrollees-- must purchase subscription to suite of tools] This course will show you how to incorporatie lead capture into the design of your online presence.


Risk Free Trial

Frequently asked questions:

  • I have limited computer skills.

[Richard] If you surf the Internet and send emails, those are all the skills necessary. I've had clients who never used a computer before build a successful web business.

  • Why did you select the Site Sell suite of web business development tools?

[Richard] At the Citadel School of Business Administration and Trident Technical College we selected Site Sell as the web business development software vendor because it was the only provider with a web based set of integrated business success tools.

My personal opinion is that these are the best tools for building a new Internet based business or existing business web enhancing website.

  • I have a WordPress blog. May I keep using it? [we'll recommend using tools available with one or more of the monetization platforms which include blogging tools and training]

We include adding a WordPress blog in our process. Indeed, we show you how how to use it as a part of the early monetization of your web business -- You can use your existing blog to support building your new web business..

  • What are your qualifications to present such training, consulting and coaching?

[Richard] I have been using the process taught in the course since 2002. I was one of Site Sell's first certified webmasters, certified SiteSell Education instructors and SiteSell Specialists.

I also specialize in helping others use the SBI! platform to support direct sales monetization approaches [including network marketng/MLM and applying attraction marketing techniques in building any web business.

I have taken over 80 students at the Citadel School of Business Administration and Trident Technical College through the course.

I'm a certified coach, having completed a training program certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  • How soon might I be generating income from my web business?

[Richard] My focus is on achieving early monetization so you start earning income as you build your business. Our planned target is 60 days. Some have started making income in the firwst 30 days.

  • I understand that you will help me build a online business. How does your membership site help?

[Richard] The purpose of the site is to be the central location for all the tutorial and other reference materials that I use to help members build their business website and grow it into a successful business. Membership includes open access to all the materials and the associated support such as:

  • lifetime email consulting support
  • ongoing development of new tutorials
  • expanded navigation to existing resources.
  • What does it cost?

[Richard] You first need to become a Site Build It! business owner [you may be one already]. The yearly fee is $300 [or $29/mo for at least 6 months] . For those just getting started, we recommend taking advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee FREE trial to get started. If you're ready to take action -- you'll know within that 30 days if it is going to work for you.

The site membership fees are $1.70 for 14 days trial, $17 monthly, $37 quarterly, and $97 yearly.

I recommend that you subscribe on a yearly basis.  Once you have successfully completed a 20 page website and commit to an approved Action Plan, future fees will be waived so long as you continue in the Action Plan process.

NOTE: Successful completion of the course qualifies the student to my lifetime business coaching program valued at $15,000.

This investment gives you everything you need to build a business from scratch using our self-paced, approach.

There are two live coaching approaches to building your web business from scratch - group coaching [$200 - includes first year membership at this site], and individual coaching [$500] which includes 12 scheduled sessions plus live individual "office hours" appointments to address specific questions.

For those participants of the coaching programs AND the self paced program who successfully complete 30 pages qualify for an additional Business Success Action Plan development session at which we jointly develop the actions to be taken to grow your business. Those who commit to that action plan and ask me to serve as their accountability partner and have it reviewed at 4 month intervals receive additional advanced monetization coaching at no additional cost.r

I just had a member of my local referral group [] who is opening a new business and who has been in internet marketing for over 20 years review the SBI package of business tools and she opted to use SBI to support her new business -- she enrolled in the course and is taking herself through the entire process on her own -- while opening her new business along the way. I'm impressed, but she is an impressive lady entrepreneur and knows how to to manage multiple tasks and orchestrate them to the right outcome. I can help all others get their web businesses successfully launched.

I'd look forward to seeing you on the Success Side very soon,

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Richard Dowell 
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We are a web business consulting, training and development company dedicated to helping good managers and their companies prosper by reaching for the top.

Quick Web Creations - $6.95

This is not about putting up a site. "It's all about building a real business.".

  • To get started with your self-paced approach to building a successful online business, just click on the FREE Trial tab and sign up for your membership over on the left.

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You may now access all the materials and support at this site for 14 days for just $1.70. Includes over 500 tutorials and how to guides plus answers to you specific questions. Membership includes unlimited email consulting support, including building custom tutorials responding to your questions if we do not have a tutorial covering your request in our tutorials library.

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